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Veronica O'Connor, Ph.D., ACC

 Founder, Life & Leadership Coach

I have over twenty years of experience working with individuals and groups to support learning, creativity, personal growth, leadership development, and career advancement. As a life and leadership coach, I specialize in helping sensitive high-achieving leaders and professionals step into their power to navigate challenges and accomplish their goals with greater confidence, clarity, fulfillment, and well-being. 

Prior to becoming a life and leadership coach, I received a Ph.D. in Political Science-Political and Social Theory from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I engaged my curiosity and passion for learning about human development in relation to social and political systems and transformations. As a political science and philosophy professor, I deepened my understanding of individual and collective approaches to creating  positive change as I worked with students and colleagues studying political institutions and processes, public policies, leadership styles, civic engagement, and practical applications of philosophical ideas and ethical principles.

As an educator and academic advisor working with students during what is for them an overall experience of growth and change, I discovered that coaching offered uniquely effective tools and skills for helping students develop their potential and successfully navigate positive and sometimes challenging transitions. While completing the Certificate in Coaching program at New York University, I learned how to combine the knowledge I acquired of the evidence-based theory and science of coaching with practical experience to help individuals both inside and outside of academic environments cultivate the self-awareness, clarity, focus, and insights they need to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.

In the years since I started my coaching practice, I have experienced immense professional and personal growth, fulfillment, and joy from participating in coaching partnerships and collaborating with fellow ICF coaches. I’m an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and I demonstrate and uphold the professional standards and code of ethics of the ICF.

More recently, I've completed training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), and Mindful Communication. Mindfulness-based training and practices support me in being present, open, flexible, and discerning as I respond to both the rational and emotional needs and issues that arise in coaching. I also incorporate mindfulness techniques into my coaching to help clients experience calmer, clearer, more reflective mindsets and transform the way they relate to themselves and others.

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